The library of the Quilter's Guild of Dallas has a wonderful selection of over 1300 quilting-related books. To make it easier to choose books at the monthly meeting, we are providing a link to our online collection at Click on the link and you can browse our Library collection and sort by Genre, Author, Format, Publisher, Series and other ways. You can also view covers of the books to make it easier to find them on our shelves at the guild meeting.
Here is a screenshot of what the online site looks. At the tab at the very upper left, you can select the way you'd like to sort the books.
The listings show all the books we own, however, availability is on a first come, first served basis. Books can be checked out for one month, due for return at the next meeting.
Lots of changes going on in the Library!
New People! Martha Smith and Marte Keller are retiring from their Guild Library positions after serving for the past 7 years. We’re very fortunate to have Pam Hanson agree to assume the reins (she’s listed in our Membership Directory if you need to contact her). Martha, with all of her creative ideas, has moved over to the beehive of Membership. Stop by and say hi next meeting.

New books, new books, new books! You may have seen them on the Library table at the last meeting - look for them there in October, too. Here’s a sampling:
In the Technique genre we have 2 excellent free-motion quilting books by Christina
Cameli and Molly Hanson.
Want to try something new or expand your love for “Modern” quilting? In the Contemporary genre we have several new books filled with clever, thought provoking ideas by: Cassandra Ellis, Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle, Alexandra Ledgerwood, Kathryn Schmidt, Sherri Wood, and That Patchwork Place.
So stop by and look over our 1300 plus brand new and not-as-new excellent books. Your Library is open before every Guild meeting at the Temple. To check out a book for a month all you need is your membership number.
Happy Reading!