Treasurer Forms

Click HERE for a Treasurer's check request form.

This is a fillable PDF form, to be used when requesting reimbursement for expenses or payment of a bill for the Guild.
After completing the form, save it with a descriptor (ex: Check Request for October Speaker).

  1. Start an email to be sent to the Guild Treasurer, and copy the appropriate Guild officer 
    (either the president or a vice president, depending on the budget.)

  2. Attach the completed check request form and a scanned copy of the appropriate bills or receipts requiring payment or reimbursement.

The guild officer will either approve or or deny the request via an email to the treasurer. 

Click HERE for the Treasurer's deposit form

This form is to be used when money or checks have been collected on the Guild's behalf, to ensure that it is credited to the appropriate budget.

Follow the instructions on the form to document the funds collected, then deliver the form and funds to one of the three Guild depositors;
Marcia Hampton, ​Judy Kriehn, or Donna Petrick.