Dallas Market Hall is located at the northwest corner of the intersection of I-35E and Market Center Blvd.


There are over 2000 parking spaces available, including a large parking garage. We request that you refrain from parking across Market Center Boulevard on Friday, due to it being a regular business day at the World Trade Center.

dallas market hall parking for dallas quilt show

Map Key:

 Main Entrance on west side of building, facing the Renaissance Hotel.

Volunteer Entrance on east end of “north” hall. This entrance is also available to arriving bus tour groups and advance ticket holders. Restrooms and show programs available here, but NO ticket sales.

Dart Rail Service to the Show

The DART Transit system Green Line “Market Center” rail station is about a mile away. There are two routes you could use to walk over to Market Hall. They are indicated by a blue dotted line and a pink dotted line in the map below.

Blue dotted line: You can head westbound on Harry Hines to Market Center Boulevard, turn left, and then head towards the Market Hall building (it will be across Market Center Blvd, a block or two south of the Trinity Railway tracks).

Pink dotted line: You can proceed to the eastern end of the DART train platform then use the pedestrian bridge to get over to the Market Center complex. You’ll be on the roof of a three-story parking garage. Find your way down to the ground level of the garage, then follow the service road behind the Market Center complex westward towards Market Center Blvd.

dart rail to dallas quilt show

Show committee members who have used the Harry Hines (blue) route in the past do NOT recommend it; there are no paved sidewalks, so it’s a rough walk, and you may encounter unsavory characters along the way.

The other route was merely observed from the comfort of a vehicle; not actually walked by a human. Therefore, we can’t speak to the comfort or safety of the route, but it did look a LOT better than the Harry Hines route.

You might wish to consider how much you’ll enjoy schlepping your treasures nearly a mile back to the train station before you commit to this option. We’d also recommend advance ticket purchase.

That said, you can get more info here: