Mini Quilt Auction

For more than 20 years, on Saturday afternoon, the show has boasted the sounds of a live auction. Our annual Mini Quilt Auction gives quilt makers and quilt collectors a chance to give back to the local community. The Auction this year will be on Saturday, March 12 at 1:30pm.

The beneficiary of the 2022 Miniature Quilt Auction is Life Restoration.

life restoration, mini quilt auction beneficiary

Life Restoration is a 501(c)(3) organization that is an educational program operating with the Department of Corrections in the State of Texas providing educational classes along with job skill training to build a bridge between those incarcerated and their community. Their goal is to prepare individuals spiritually, physically, and emotionally for re-entry into society. They have been honored to receive both the Governor’s Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award in 2017 and the Texas Correction’s Association Star Award Recognizing Excellence in the Corrections Profession in 2018.

The project that the miniature auction will fund is the Moses Project, a program in existence for 4 years. While teaching manufacturing skills, the Moses Project seeks to build confidence, team work, and organizational skills. This project brings together men of all ethnicities, faiths, and backgrounds for a common goal to benefit the community. The men volunteer their time to produce beautiful quilts, fluffy bears, baby beds for newborns in need and chemo bags for women taking chemotherapy. It is the goal of the program for the year 2022 to provide 120 quilts for the Casa Child Advocates of Bridgeport along with 120 duffle bags and fluffy bears for each bag. They also plan to fill 120 chemo bags with a beautiful quilt for each chemo patient. The funding from the 2022 miniature quilt auction will help restore humanity to participants, provide manufacturing skills, teach an appreciation for quilts, and benefit the community. For more information visit