Endowment Fund

The Grant Program of the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas (QGD) is administered by the Guild’s Endowment Committee. The Helena Hibbs Endowment Fund was created in 1986 with the Guild accumulating funds each year until the original funding goal was reached enabling QGD to make its first award of grant funds in 1988.

The maximum amount of funds awarded in any one year is $5,000. All proposals will receive equal consideration, regardless of the amount of funding required. The Quilter’s Guild of Dallas, Inc. is not obligated to award the entire $5,000, or any part thereof, if the quality of the proposals does not merit it.

The purpose of the grant program is to fund projects that will have a long-term impact on preserving the heritage and furthering the art of quilts and quilt-making. The grant program seeks to achieve a balance in the awarding of funds between history and art projects as well as between traditional and contemporary style quilts.

All grant proposals should result in a specific end product and must include a plan for exhibition or publication of the finished work, if applicable.

The Endowment Committee considers several criteria in evaluating each grant application. These include:

  • Overall impact of the project on the world of quilting
  • Compatibility of the goals of the project with the mission of the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas
  • Ability of the applicant to complete the project
  • Quality of the project
  • Quality and completeness of the application
  • Contribution of the project to the body of knowledge about quilts or awareness of quilting

Funds are not awarded for:

  • Personal travel or mileage reimbursement
  • Salaries or direct income to individuals with an exception for contract labor necessary for the execution of the submitted project (example: professional photographer
  • Purchase of capital items where the ownership benefits an individual rather than a group (example: quilt guild)

Applicants may apply by completing and submitting the QGD Endowment Fund application.

Application Deadline:
August 31, 2021

More Information:

Previous Grant Recipients


Texas Woman’s University – Denton, TX
Let’s Talk About Quilts

A Research Project on Quilting & Families. Project will document the “everyday quilter.” Many industry professionals (pattern writers and fabric designers) are often interviewed for podcasts. This project will focus on active members of local guilds, a teacher at a quilt store, a local quilt shop owner, a hobby longarmer, a group of friends who often retreat together, and other everyday quilters. This project will give them a voice by recording their oral histories and making the audio interviews available in podcast format. The interviews will be transcribed for archive, accessibility, and research analysis. Additionally, the research aspect of the project hopes to help quilters be able to articulate the benefits of quilting to others, help quilting professionals understand how family/quilting relationships might be better used in quilting-related marketing and products, and to help promote quilting as a medium in which family bonds are strengthened.

The goals of the project are: 1. To provide a voice to quilters who are often anonymous. 2. To provide lasting documentation of the interactions between quilters and their families. 3. To provide exposure to quilting as a meaningful medium.

These goals will be achieved through publication of quilter’s interviews in the podcast and archival of the transcripts through the Quilt Alliance Quilter’s Save our Stories Project which ensure that stories are archived in the Library of Congress. These goals will also be achieved through professional publications in an academic journal and through presentations to quilt guilds and academic conferences.


No award given


Scurry County Museum Association, Inc. – Snyder, TX
Quilt Preservation Awareness Campaign

Project will upgrade the quality of storage, access, and awareness of their vast quilt collection. Since 2010 they have been working to organize their collection to industry standards, cataloging its full extent, and storing it to proper museum code. This will also will help make the quilts more easily accessible for exhibits, reduce handling, and further highlight their collection to the public. In turn, they hope to encourage people to donate their own quilts since they will be certain that they do the best for preservation.

University of Southern Indiana Art Collection – Evansville, IN
Morton Contemporary Quilt Collection Preservation

The project purpose is to protect the physical integrity of the quilts in the collection for future exhibition and scholarly research. They will be implementing museum quality storage for a large collection of Amish quilts that have been donated. This will also provide practical experience for students participating in the Arts and Heritage Administration minor programs.


University of North Texas, College of Visual Arts and Design

Purchase of a computerized quilting machine for use by students.

Dallas County Heritage Society

Conservation of an endangered silk quilt created in about 1890. This quilt is a Courthouse Steps variation of a Log Cabin quilt. Once restored, it will be part of a temporary exhibit entitled “Log Cabins: Quilts, Houses and Toys”, along with a wool Log Cabin quilt. Exhibit panels will explain the Log Cabin pattern and variations, as well as the design and construction of log cabin homes, so that visitors understand both of these crafts.

The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in The State of Texas

To stabilize and display a compromised quilt called “The Baker Quilt.” This quilt was produced by four sisters, and incorporates commemorative ribbons from over two decades of life in Austin and Texas as well as a commemorative embroidered banner from the 1884-1885 New Orleans Centennial Exposition.  


Oregon Quilt Project Steering Committee

The intent is to enter Oregon’s quilt findings in the existing state project listings in the national database of indexes, books and exhibitions, the Quilt Index. The funds will be used towards the goal to compile the information on the quilts and have digital images that will conform to Quilt Index’s standards for submission to the online database.

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
Collection Digitization

To capture high quality digitized images of approximately 250 of the museum’s most important quilts, publish these images on the website in a highly accessible format and to use the images to enhance visitor experience in the galleries.

Museum of Texas Tech University
Acquisition of Research Cotton Sack Collection

The acquisition of a research collection of 4,200 printed feed sack swatches, 518 cotton sacks, 5 quilts made from printed feed sacks, 120 household items made from printed feed sacks and 41 clothing items made from printed feed sack. The goal of the project is to take a research collection of cotton sacks, which were tremendously important to quilters particularly at the beginning of the 20th century, from private hands and place it in the public sphere.


Friends of International Quilt Study Center – Lincoln, NE

Exhibit of recent quilts by Michael James, 06/05/15-02/27/16.

Millennium Quilters Guild – Bridgeport, WV

Assist with rent and cash awards for a quilt show in North Central West Virginia, 120 quilts in an NQA judged show.

New Britain Museum – New Britain, CT

Stitched in Time, 50 quilts on display from 10/04/14-01/04/15,educational programs and speaker presentations during the exhibit.

Schnipsis & Freischerier, Barbara Lange – Germany

Radiation From Big Bank to Present, June 22, 2014 exhibit in Geneva Switzerland. Funds requested for prep and printing of catalog.


Dallas Historical Society – Dallas, TX

Funds were requested for the conservation of significant quilts with Texas history that are in the collection of the Society. Once the  conservation is complete, individual quilts will be able to be displayed, and also to be loaned to other institutions and groups.

Mingei International Museum – San Diego, CA

The museum has identified an important, newly-acquired collection of 350 stunning American quilts made between the early 1800’s and 1950 which will be digitized. Digitization includes photographing objects and making them available for viewing online by a worldwide audience.

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Study Group  – Flemington, NJ

The group will mount a Quilt Exhibition commemorating the 300th anniversary of Hunterdon County, NJ. The exhibit will use the best and the most significant quilts made in Hunterdon since its founding in 1714 to celebrate the great depth of quilt history in Hunterdon.


LaConner Quilt & Textile Museum – LaConner, WA

To support their efforts to prepare and complete a collection of 12 quilts donated to the museum by Dr. Thomas Schlotterback, with the quilts dating from 1890-1930 and made by Josie Teeter Schlotterback and her mother, Mary Teeter. The quilts and many items of physical memorabilia are to be exhibited at the museum.

Texas Quilt Museum – La Grange, TX

For the purchase of shipping bins, museum hanging and lighting equipment, to be used for 16 upcoming touring exhibits of the quilts from the “Lone Stars III: a Legacy of Texas Quilts-1986-2011” as well as additional tours to be scheduled.


Aimee E. Newell, Ph.D. – North Grafton, MA

For support in the publication of a book, tentatively titled “A Stitch In Time: The Needlework of Aging Women in Antebellum America.”

New England Quilt Museum – Lowell, MA

To support a new exhibit called “Backstitch: A 25- Year Retrospective of Advances & Milestones in Quiltmaking.”

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum – Golden, CO

To help support their 2012 exhibit, “Male Call: Quilts by Men.”


Kirby Quilt Club, Francine Miller – Wichita Falls, TX

For the purpose of teaching quilting and community service through quilting to disadvantaged students and others attending Kirby Junior High.

University of Nebraska – Lincoln, International Quilt Studies Center

To help with the “Voices from the Past Exhibition and Catalog.”

Arizona Quilter’s Hall of Fame – Phoenix, AZ

To help with the “Arizona Centennial Quilt Project.”


No applications submitted


New Way Life, Mongolian Quilting Center

For the campaign to purchase a building for the Mongolian Quilting Center.


University of Nebraska Foundation

As a contribution to the building fund of the International Quilt Study Center for quilt research, storage, preservation, collection, study and teaching of quilting, its history and related subjects.


New England Quilt Museum

To fund an exhibit to be held August through October, 2006 and CD of Bicentennial and Centennial Birthdays.

University of Northern Iowa, Dr. Marybeth C. Stalp, Assistant Professor of Sociology

For her manuscript “Quilting: The Fabric of Everyday Life,” to document the process of quilting and the people who do it.


Mennonite Relief Sale Quilt Project

To document the “Mennonite Relief Sale Quilt” and the meaning of the work of the women who made these fund-raising quilts throughout the United States and Canada.


East Texas Research Center, Stephen F. Austin State University

Quilting Stories of East Texas.

Great Lakes Quilt Center, Michigan State University Museum
Mary Worrell, Curator Assistant

Quilt re-housing project to catalog and re-house 56 quilts from the collection of the museums collection.

International Miniature Textiles Exhibition II – Island Heights, NJ
by Joanie San Chirico

To exhibit small quilts and educate the public about quilts that push the boundaries beyond traditional yet use the same methods and techniques as traditional quilts.


Lynne Z. Basset

To document the importation, domestic manufacture, patterns of ownership and designs of early American whole-cloth quilts.

Quilter’s Save Our Stories (Q.S.O.S.)

To interview members of the Needle and Thread Guild, an African-American guild of approximately one hundred members that meet in the south side of Chicago.

Sacred Threads Quilt Exhibition

To sponsor Sacred Threads Quilt Exhibition 06/18-07/01, 2003 in Columbus, Ohio.


Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site – Juliette, Georgia

To fund the creation of climate-controlled storage in an existing building, to organize over three hundred boxes of quilts, woven coverlets, quilting squares and templates, sewing patterns, rugs, tatting and embroidery.

Mountain Heritage Center of Western Carolina University

To fund documentation of thirty-five quilts that are representative of southern Appalachia.

San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

To conduct oral histories with ten key people who have shaped the museum in its first twenty-five years.


New England Quilt Museum

For the exhibit “Parallel Threads” which explores the differences and similarities of European American and African America quilters.

Amherst Museum – Amherst, NY

For the appraisal and documentation of quilts in the collections of the Amherst Museum.

Grace Museum – Abilene, TX

For an exhibition titled, ” A Stitch in Time,” the first exhibition of historic quilts held at The Grace Museum.

Log Cabin Heritage Foundation – Fort Worth, TX

For the Log Cabin Village Historical Complex in Fort Worth, Texas for quilt preservation and storage.

Little Milligan School – Butler, TN

For supplies to teach students in rural Appalachia the basics of quilt making.


Museum of Texas Tech University – Lubbock, TX

To fund a survey and documentation project of northwest Texas quilts.

York County Heritage Trust – York, PA

For the catalogue/exhibit: “Out of Hiding – 150 Years of York County Quilts.”

Old Aurora Colony Museum – Aurora, OR

For a conservation and documentation project of the Old Aurora Colony Quilts.

Red River Historical Museum – Sherman, TX

To fund textile storage materials for the Red River Historical Museum.


The Goldstein: A Museum of Design at the University of Minnesota

To fund an interpretive exhibit entitled “A Gathering of Stitches” during the summer of 1999.

Heritage Quilt Project of New Jersey

To support the publication of the biography of Florence Peto.


Mountain Heritage Center at Western Carolina University – North Carolina

To fund an educational project entitled “Reading a Quilt.”

Museum of Texas Tech University
West Texas Quilt Documentation Project

To fund an examination and documentation project for the quilt collections at five museums in West Texas.


Old Sturbridge Village – Sturbridge, MA

To support the publication of an exhibition catalog on Quilts and Quilting in New England.

Museum of Texas Tech University – Lubbock, TX

To fund the reorganization and rehousing of the museum’s quilt collection.

American Museum of Quilts and Textiles – San Jose, CA

To support the museum’s “Dwellings” exhibit.


Hawaiian Quilt Research Project

To document Hawaiian embroidery quilts.

Crawford County Historical Society – Northwestern Pennsylvania

To fund a seven county quilt documentation project.


Catherine Cerney – Blacksburg, VA

For the project “Quilt Ownership: Sentimental Attachments and Social Significance,” research furthering the Rhode Island Quilt Documentation Project.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Otsego County, New York 4-H Program

To make a quilt celebrating the 4-H program’s 75th anniversary.


American Quilt Study Group

For reprinting the 1990 issue of Uncoverings, a scholarly quilt history journal.


Jack Brockette and Jacob Hani – Dallas, TX

For a project with the Dallas Independent School District incorporating quilt making into the curriculum with other subjects such as math, as well as connecting quilt making with the African-American heritage in poetry and art, leading to a display of the quilts in the community.


Susan Bland – Park City, UT

For a show presenting the stories of ten women using quilt portraits and personal memorabilia.


Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum – Golden City, CO

To make a pictorial quilt outlining the history of the city and to develop a trunk show to take to local schools.


Austin Area Quilt Guild

To fund the production of audiovisual materials and written materials about how to preserve quilts, to be used to educate quilt owners.


Dallas County Heritage Society – Dallas, TX

To create a quilt room at Old City Park in Dallas to catalogue Texas and American quilts.


To an individual to research pre-1940 quilts of the Amish, Mennonites, and Hutterites.