January 7, 2021

Lecture: My Journey in Quilting

Australian Irene Blanck is absolutely passionate about appliqué. Whether it be reinterpretations of vintage motifs, entirely reimagined by means of a fresh fabric palette, or classic creations, she imagines quilts that are  both elegant and radiant.

Irene started quilting about 18 years ago after seeing a quilt in a magazine.  She tackled her first quilt on her own and made every mistake in the book!!  She enjoyed machine piecing for a long time until she got the taste for needle turn appliqué.

Like most of us she started out making quilts using patterns produced by others and eventually decided to try her hand at making her own – for herself.  She eventually taught applique at Fragrant Cottage and since then found that there are so many quilts “in my head” that need to come out that she didn’t have time for anything else but designing and making class samples.

She loves needle turn appliqué, reverse appliqué, as well as making hexagons and clamshells.  She prepares a completed block so that it is portable and can be completed anywhere, any time.  Choosing fabrics and colors is one of the most enjoyable aspects of her designing.

Also notable is that she is the founder of The Applique Guild of Australia.  You can find out more about Irene and her designs at her website at https://focusonquilts.com.au.

Join us in January to learn about how Irene chooses her fabrics and how to prepare your complete quilt before sewing.