Thursday December 3, 2020


Where’s the Cotton – A Silk and Salvage Lecture

Before easy access to the local quilt shop, before internet shopping, how and where did one obtain materials for quilt making? And once a quilt-maker had a collection of available materials, how did those materials inform design and construction? What can we learn from quilts made with a restricted supply or unusual types or sizes of materials?

Join Julia McLeod for a wide-ranging look at quilts made during times of privation, shortages, sanctions, incarceration and hospitalization. This talk showcases both historical and contemporary makers, and highlights some pretty awesome quilts. The trunk show includes work by Julia McLeod and Sue Fox, Silk and Salvage collaborators.

About Silk and Salvage

About Julia McLeod and Sue Fox. Please note Julia will be speaking at the QGD.

Though their early years were spent on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Julia McLeod and Sue Fox have long possessed a shared passion for of all sorts of reclaimed textiles. As lovers of thrift stores, yard sales and scrap bins everywhere, how could they not bond as quilt-makers?

Sue’s background in theatrical costume design and construction is the perfect foil to Julia’s origins in the menswear textile industry.  Coming together as partners in Silk & Salvage, their purpose was to work collaboratively, inspiring and motivating each other by sharing ideas, materials and projects. In their lectures and teaching, Sue and Julia bring to the table different skill-sets and perspectives on quilt-making with silks and salvaged fabrics. They encourage and learn from one another – and from their students!

Visit the Silk and Salvage website for more information.

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