Past Presidents

1979-80 Helena Hibbs
1980-82 Linda Waller
1982-84 Sherry Lundquest
1984-85 Margaret Kalmus Neyman
1985-86 Lynn Wright
1986-88 Marilou Wimmer
1988-90 Ann Deane
1990-91 Laura Hobby Syler
1991-93 Selena Dixon
1993-95 Jennifer Colin Blagg
1997-98, 2020-present Shelly Goodwyn
1999-2001 Frances Hafer
2001-03 Margaret Wolf
2003-05 Carol Dickschat
2005-06 Barbara Oliver Hartman
2006-08 Marie Zaczkowski
2008-10 Marcia Hampton
2010-12 Marla Kelsey
2012-14 Judy Kriehn
2014-16 Bonnie Ambrose
2016-2018 Cindy Matthews
2019-2020 Richard Larson

​Past Show Chairmen

Our annual quilt show has grown from a simple quilt display in a local Unitarian church to arguably the largest all-volunteer staged event in the U.S. The Show Chairman (now Vice President-Show) leads a large committee and oversees an equally large budget to bring the show to life each year.

To see a list of past show chairmen, click HERE.

Founder's Award

This award honors someone who has been a member of the Guild for at least five years and who has continued, throughout their membership, to further the mission and goals of the Guild.

For the list of Founder's Award Recipients, click HERE.

Silver Thimble Award

This award honors those who have been members of the Guild for at least three years and who have gone above and beyond in their volunteer duties.

For the list of Silver Thimble Award Recipients, click HERE.

Yellow Rose Recipients

The Yellow Rose Award was initiated to thank members for going above and beyond the call of duty. It is designed to thank members who work behind the scenes with no expectation of recognition. Nominees can come from any member, and awards are presented at the monthly meetings.

For the list of Yellow Rose Award Recipients, click HERE.

Red Rose Recipients

The Red Rose Award was created by the Executive Board as a new means to honor volunteers. Those qualified to receive it would have received a Yellow Rose Award at least five years prior to the presentation of the Red Rose Award, and have continued to be active, contributing members of our guild.

2004 Sondra Gordon
2005 Terry Mosher
2010 Judy Kriehn
2012 Rhonda Anderson
  Carol Dickschat
  Shelly Goodwyn
  Marie Zaczkowski
2013 Valerie Hubbard
2018 Frances Hafer
  Peggy Keirstead
2019 Martha Smith