Member Recognition

Our annual awards – the Founder’s, Silver Thimble, Yellow Rose and Red Rose awards – recognize members who have volunteered their time and skills for the success of the Guild.

Founder’s Award

The Founder’s Award honors someone who has been a member of the Guild for at least five years and who has continued, throughout their membership, to further the mission and goals of the Guild.

Founder's Award Recipients

1984: Julie Barnes Steger
1985: Pris DeVous
1986: Laura Hobby Syler
1987: Jackie Asbill
1988: Lynn Wright
1989: Joyce Massey
1990: Janet Jelen
1991: Roberta Cantwell
1992: Marilou Wimmer
1993: Diana Myers
1994: Sandra Al-Ubaidi
1995: Jennifer C. Blagg
1996: Irene Cerny
1997: Judith Patricelli Stone
1998: Linda S. Webb
1999: Marianne Gildea
2000: Theda Scroggins
2001: Shelly Goodwyn
2002: Rhonda Anderson
2003: Frances Hafer
2004: Judy Kriehn
2005: Marie Zaczkowski
2006: Dr. Marian Ann Montgomery
2007: Barbara Oliver Hartman
2008: Richard Larson
2009: Marie Spriggs
2010: Valerie Hubbard
2011: Boneta Porter
2012: Carol Dickschat
2013: Marcia Hampton
2014: Chris Becker
2015: Fran Casey
2016: Donna Petrick
2017: Donna Petrick
2018: Marilyn Dickson
2018: Cindy Matthews (Past President)
2019: Cleola Green

Silver Thimble Award

The Silver Thimble Award honors those who have been members of the Guild for at least three years and who have gone above and beyond in their volunteer duties.

Silver Thimble Award Recipients


Pris DeVous
Sherry Lundquist
Connie Strickland


Margaret Kalmus Neyman
JoAnne Morris
Darla Pearson


Sally Ashbacher
Peggy Huddleston
Shirley Fowlkes Stevenson


Roberta Cantrell
Katy Copeland
Jo Parrott


Kay Cox
Ann Deane
Pat Nangle


Selena Dixon
Gilbert Massey
Diana Myers
Marie Spriggs


Ed Deane
Susan Grisgby
Verna Niehaus


Sandra Al-Ubaidi
Dorothy Burchfield
Roslyn Kempston Haye


Jennifer Colin Blagg
Anne Beecher
Barbara Oliver Hartman


Alice Kennedy
Jan Lewis
Susan Galloway Wilson


Michele Skeene
Judith Patricelli Stone
Jo Valenti


Carol Clancy
Flo Klein
Rev. Sharon Martinez
Mary Smith


Marianne Gildea
Shelly Goodwyn
Susan Morris


Dr. Marian Ann Montgomery
Boneta Porter
Linda S. Webb


Rhonda Anderson
Jay Conrad
Joe Ellen Ticknor


Sondra Gordon
Susie Reisser
Kim Shalom


Frances Hafer
Juliette Kimbrew
Marcia Shurtleff


Juliette Kimbrew
Doloris Lajoie
Marie Zaczkowski


Karen Hearn
Judy Kriehn
Margaret Wolf


Trish Ballard
Marcia Hampton
Marla Kelsey


Dr. Dana Lacey Chapman
Cleola Green
Eileen Simon


Carol Dickschat
Peggy Keirstead
Terry Mosher


Concetta Boscardin
Valerie Hubbard
Gail Lewis


Richard Larson
Valerie Salter
Sherrie Searcy


Joy Elam
Bili Grozier
Terry Reese


Sue Holland
Mary Howard
Joan Wilson


Chris Becker
Pam Hanson
Marcia Wood


Nancy Carpenter
Peggy Lee
Tonya Littmann


Fran Casey
Mary Lord
Martha Smith


Bonnie Ambrose
Marte Keller
Donna Petrick


Nina Hall
Cindy Matthews


Linda Bartley
Lut De Meulder


Marlene Dreyer
Candy Mahaffey
Mary Masal


Candy Mahaffey
Marlene Dreyer
Mary Masal


Peggy Cord


Lu Peters
Martha Smith
Ann West

Yellow Rose Award

The Yellow Rose Award was initiated to thank members for going above and beyond the call of duty. It is designed to thank members who work behind the scenes with no expectation of recognition. Nominees can come from any member, and awards are presented at the monthly meetings.

Yellow Rose Award Recipients

Linda Adams – 2017
Patrice Aldrich – 2017
Nancy Anderson – 2021
Rhonda Anderson – 2000
Trish Ballard – 2001
Carol Barr – 2002
Linda Bartley – 2002
Chris Becker – 2007
Anne Beecher – 1992
Judy Beydler – 1998
Concetta Boscardin – 2002
Mitzi Busby – 1992
Phyllis Caldwell – 1993
Nancy Carpenter – 1995
Fran Casey – 2009
Theresa Cernosek – 2003
Irene Cerny – 1998
Dr. Dana Lacy Chapman – 2004
Wendy Chizuko Simard – 1996
Kay Christian – 1995
Brianne Clancy – 1995
Jay Conrad – 1993
Ray Conrad – 1995
Peggy Cord – 1993
Ruth C. Cottrell – 1997
Kay Cox – 1993
Theresa Cunningham – 2009
Joyce Curtiss – 2005
Laurie Daniels – 2002
Lut De Meulder – 2013
Cathy Dial – 2001
Nancy Dickey – 1993
Carol Dickschat – 2000
Marilyn Dickson – 2015
Muriel Dreyfus – 1994
Joy Elam – 2000
Frank Elam – 2001
Debby Faughn – 1997
Bev Franks – 1994
Susan Galloway Wilson – 1993
Pat Galvin – 2019
Marianne Gildea – 2001
Shelly Goodwyn – 2004
Sondra Gordon – 1999
Cleola Green 2010
Joe Grigsby – 1992
Bili Grozier – 1997
Frances Hafer – 1998
Annette Hagele – 2001
Nina Hall – 2000
Marcia Hampton – 2011
Barbara Oliver Hartman – 2001
Joan Harvey – 2004
Virginia Hauer – 2002
Mel Hauer – 2002
Karen Hearn – 2000
Helena Hibbs – 2005
Sue Hollen – 2019
Ruth Hollis – 2002
Mary Howard – 2007
Rachel Howell – 1992
Valerie Hubbard – 2004
Daphne Huffman – 2014
Paula Jackson – 1997
Marla Jacobs Kelsey – 1999
Peggy Keirstead – 1993
Ed Keller – 2014
Marte Keller – 2012
Lee Kilgore – 2003
Juliette Kimbrew – 1996
Flo Klein – 1992
Bertha (Betty) Kovac – 1990
Judy Kriehn – 1999
Caitlyn Kriv – 2013
Janet Kriv – 2013
Doloris Lajoie – 2002
Peggy Lee – 1998
Jean Levell – 1998
Tonya Littman – 2021
Mary Lord – 2009
Ragi Marino – 2021
Sharon Martinez – 1992
Mary Masal – 2014
Susan Mattox – 1992
Faye Mayes – 1998
Glenda McCune – 2012
Gail McDonald – 2002
Mary McDuff – 2000
Pat Mills – 1999
Susan Morris – 1994
Anne Colvin Mosher – 1996
Terry Mosher – 1995
Marilyn Mowry – 1995
JoAnn Musso – 1998
Nancy Netherland – 2018
Doris Nevison – 1997
Linda Newman – 2015
Helen Oelkrugh – 1992
Dana Oerez – 1999
Tracy Perry – 1995
Lu Peters – 2015
Boneta Porter – 1993
Melanie Reiman – 2018
Susan Reisser – 1998
Sharon Renick – 1998
Rita Ruszczyk – 2000
Valerie Salter – 2010
Julia Sandlin – 1992
Michele Sauerbrei – 2018
Theda Scroggins – 1999
Sherry Searcy – 1995
Gail Sellers – 2013
Kim Shalom – 1999
Joanna Shampine 2002
Julia Sheerin – 2000
Marcia Shurtleff – 1997
Marcia Simmons – 1994
Eileen Simon – 2000
Michele Skeene – 1992
Martha Smith – 2011
Sharon Smith – 2021
Judith Patricelli Stone – 1991
Karen K Stone – 1995
Emeline Thaxton – 2001
Joe Ellen Ticknor – 1998
Irene Turneabe – 1999
Helen Veniski – 1994
Maureen Walden – 2021
Margaret Ward – 1999
Mindy Washburn – 2013
Linda S. Webb – 1997
Ann West – 2013
Ruth Whelan – 2021
Paula White – 2004
Joan Wilson – 2008
Margaret Wolf – 1999
Martha Wolf – 2008
Marcia Wood – 2014
Marie Zaczkowski – 2000

Red Rose Award

The Red Rose Award was created by the Executive Board as a new means to honor volunteers. Those qualified to receive it would have received a Yellow Rose Award at least five years prior to the presentation of the Red Rose Award, and have continued to be active, contributing members of our guild.

Red Rose Award Recipients

Sondra Gordon

Terry Mosher

Judy Kriehn

Rhonda Anderson
Carol Dickschat
Shelly Goodwyn
Marie Zaczkowski

Valerie Hubbard

Peggy Kierstead
Frances Hafer

Bonnie Ambrose

Concetta Boscardin

Past Presidents

We appreciate the dedicated service and contributions of our past Guild presidents.

Past Guild Presidents

1979-80: Helena Hibbs
1980-82: Linda Waller
1982-84: Sherry Lundquest
1984-85: Margaret Kalmus Neyman
1985-86: Lynn Wright
1986-88: Marilou Wimmer
1988-90: Ann Deane
1990-91: Laura Hobby Syler
1991-93: Selena Dixon
1993-95: Jennifer Colin Blagg
1997-98: Shelly Goodwyn
1999-2001: Frances Hafer
2001-03: Margaret Wolf
2003-05: Carol Dickschat
2005-06: Barbara Oliver Hartman
2006-08: Marie Zaczkowski
2008-10: Marcia Hampton
2010-12: Marla Kelsey
2012-14: Judy Kriehn
2014-16: Bonnie Ambrose
2016-2018: Cindy Matthews
2018-2020: Richard Larson
2020-Present: Shelly Goodwyn

Past Show Chairmen

Our annual quilt show has grown from a simple quilt display in a local Unitarian church to arguably the largest all-volunteer staged event in the United States. The Show Chairman (now Vice President-Show) leads a large committee and oversees an equally large budget to bring the show to life each year.

Past Quilt Show Chairmen

1981: Lynette Chiles
1982: Amy Martin
1984: JoAnne Morris
1985: Pris DeVous
1986: Laura Hobby Syler
1987: Laura Hobby Syler
1988: Barbara Oliver Hartman
1989: Joyce Massey
1990: Polly Johnson
1991: Sandra P. Al-Ubaidi
1992: Sandra P. Al-Ubaidi
1993: Flo Klein
1994: Carol Clancy
1995: Anne Colvin Mosher, Kathy Jevne Clark
1996: Kathy Jevne Clark
1997: Debby Faughn
1998: Kimberly Shalom
1999: Judith Patricelli Stone
2000: Marianne Gildea
2001: Shelly Goodwyn
2002: Shelly Goodwyn
2003: Marla Kelsey
2004: Joe Ellen Ticknor
2005: Frances A. Hafer
2006: Frances A. Hafer
2007: Richard Larson
2008: Richard Larson
2009: Valerie Hubbard
2010: Valerie Hubbard
2011: Carol Dickschat
2012: Terry Reese
2013: Marie Zaczkowski
2014: Marie Zaczkowski
2015: Judy Kriehn
2016: Judy Kriehn
2017: Frances A. Hafer, Richard Larson
2018: Frances A. Hafer, Richard Larson

Charter Members

In the late 1970’s, Helena Hibbs, a local quilt teacher, felt the need for quilters in Dallas and the surrounding areas to form a group that would allow them to quilt together and learn from each other. At the urging of her students, Helena set a date. On November 7, 1979, she and other quilters gathered at a local cafeteria for an organizational meeting.

That group set lofty goals for themselves. They wanted the Guild to preserve the heritage of quilting, to be the source of information and inspiration, and to perpetuate a high quality of excellence in quilting. Since that first meeting of the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas, the Guild has grown to include as many as 700 members in a given year.

The Guild boasts a nationally recognized grant program, numerous friendship groups, an extensive library, a highly respected annual quilt show, and regular meetings and workshops featuring nationally known speakers and teachers.

The Quilter’s Guild of Dallas, Inc. owes a debt of gratitude to the individuals listed below for laying the foundation of the organization we enjoy today.

QGD Charter Members

Helena Hibbs, Founder
Sandra P. Al-Ubaidi
Dotti Anderson
Ruth Anderson
Carolyn Arnold
Lou Bauman
Diamond C. Bauman
Susan Bennett
Camille Blomeyer
Sally Bogatko
Linda Boyer
Nancy Brown
Sue Buford
Ann Carpenter
Lynette Chiles
Helen Chiles
Suzanne Cook
Audrey Couvillon
Mary Lou Debolt
Darrella Deubel
Muriel Dreyfus
Ruth Field
Charlotte Fowler
Martha Gage
Mary Kelly Grunbaum
Mina Hahnel
Sharon Hamilton
Jeanette Hansen
Lea Hemphill
Mary Curl Hidell
Amy Hlad
Diana Kelly
Bertha L. Kovac
Isabelle Lorence
Sherry Lundquest
Audrey Manley
Mary Massey
Marjorie McBeath
Opal McCleary
Marion McCracken
Lucille McDonald
Janet McKinnon
Evelyn McMillan
Kandace Meek
Frances Moyer Morris
Karen Morris
Connie Moyer
Verna Niehaus
Bea Orgish
Jolene Phillips
Irene Powell
Donna Pratley
Dorothy Richards
Kathryn Riesz
Monica Sapp
Carol Schwartz
Fran Scott
Diane Inez Sharp
Karen Slattery
La Trelle Sommers
Julie Barnes Steger
Ramona Stoker
Laura Hobby Syler
Eleanor Tague
Tricia Van Buskirk
Nancy Vasquez
Bettie Waldie
Linda Waller
Mildred Wittie

Life Members

Individuals who serve as Guild President for a year or more are automatically conferred Life Membership in accordance with Guild Bylaws. The bylaws also empower the Board to confer Life Membership upon deserving members during the annual Membership Meeting in May.

The most notable occasion that Board members took advantage of this power was in 2012, when they voted to make all Charter Members of the Guild, Life Members as well.

QGD Life Members

Helena Hibbs, Past President, Founder

Sherry Lundquest, Past President

Margaret Kalmus Neyman, Past President

Lynn Wright, Past President

Marilou Wimmer, Past President

Ann Deane, Past President

Laura Hobby Syler, Past President

Selena Dixon, Past President

Jennifer Blagg, Past President

Judith Patricelli Stone, Past President
Linda S. Webb, Past President

Shelly Goodwyn, Past President

Frances A. Hafer, Past President

Theda Scroggins
Marie W. Spriggs
Margaret Wolf, Past President

Carol Dickschat, Past President

Barbara Oliver Hartman, Past President

Marie Zaczkowski, Past President

Marcia L. Hampton, Past President

Sandra P. Al-Ubaidi, Charter Member
Dotti Anderson, Charter Member
Ruth Anderson, Charter Member
Carolyn Arnold, Charter Member
Lou Bauman, Charter Member
Diamond C. Bauman, Charter Member
Susan Bennett, Charter Member
Camille Blomeyer, Charter Member
Sally Bogatko, Charter Member
Linda Boyer, Charter Member
Nancy Brown, Charter Member
Sue Buford, Charter Member
Ann Carpenter, Charter Member
Lynette Chiles, Charter Member
Helen Chiles, Charter Member
Suzanne Cook, Charter Member
Audrey Couvillon, Charter Member
Mary Lou Debolt, Charter Member
Darrella Deubel, Charter Member
Muriel Dreyfus, Charter Member
Ruth Field, Charter Member
Charlotte Fowler, Charter Member
Martha Gage, Charter Member
Mary Kelly Grunbaum, Charter Member
Mina Hahnel, Charter Member
Sharon Hamilton, Charter Member
Jeanette Hansen, Charter Member
Lea Hemphill, Charter Member
Mary Curl Hidell, Charter Member
Amy Hlad, Charter Member
Diana Kelly, Charter Member
Marla Kelsey, Charter Member
Bertha L. Kovac, Charter Member
Isabelle Lorence, Charter Member
Audrey Manley, Charter Member
Mary Massey, Charter Member
Marjorie McBeath, Charter Member
Opal McCleary, Charter Member
Marion McCracken, Charter Member
Lucille McDonald, Charter Member
Janet McKinnon, Charter Member
Evelyn McMillan, Charter Member
Kandace Meek, Charter Member
Frances Moyer Morris, Charter Member
Karen Morris, Charter Member
Connie Moyer, Charter Member
Verna Niehaus, Charter Member
Bea Orgish, Charter Member
Jolene Phillips, Charter Member
Irene Powell, Charter Member
Donna Pratley, Charter Member
Dorothy Richards, Charter Member
Kathryn Riesz, Charter Member
Monica Sapp, Charter Member
Carol Schwartz, Charter Member
Fran Scott, Charter Member
Diane Inez Sharp, Charter Member
Karen Slattery, Charter Member
La Trelle Sommers, Charter Member
Julie Barnes Steger, Charter Member
Ramona Stoker, Charter Member
Eleanor Tague, Charter Member
Tricia Van Buskirk, Charter Member
Nancy Vasquez, Charter Member
Bettie Waldie, Charter Member
Linda Waller, Charter Member
Mildred Wittie, Charter Member

Rhonda L. Anderson
Sally Ashbacher
Nancy Carpenter
Peggy Lee
Boneta Porter

Judy Kriehn, Past President

Joyce Curtiss
Gail Lewis
Terry Reese
Joe Ellen Ticknor

Bonnie Ambrose, Past President
Shirley Stevenson

Christine E. Becker
Richard Larson

Donna Petrick
Marcia Wood

Cindy Matthews

A Tribute to Our Founder – Helena Hibbs

May, 2011

Born in Dallas, Texas on November 27, 1921, Helena Hibbs went to her Lord on May 11, 2011. Her beloved husband, Max M. Hibbs, preceded her in death. She is survived by her six sons: Marc, Tony, Greg, Nicky, Eric and Chris, along with their wives, Terri, Donna, Toni Jane, Diane, Annie and Heather, fourteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. She loved having all the boys and their families over for large birthday parties and holiday celebrations.

Helena grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, where she graduated from Arlington Heights High School and attended Texas Christian University (TCU). In Fort Worth, she met the love of her life, Max Hibbs, with whom she shared 68 years of marriage, until his death in 2009.

Helena was passionate about all forms of art. An accomplished musician, she played several instruments, including the piano and the harp. She also painted in oils and loved to engage in some of the more traditional art forms such as knitting, tatting and quilting. She also loved teaching these skills to others. In 1979, at the urging of her students, Helena founded the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas.

Dallas Morning News obituary