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Thursday, August 6, 2020

 What Will You Learn When You Give it a
“Scrap Slap” with Beth Helfter? 
For that Matter… Who the Heck is Beth Helfter. Anyway?

To answer the second question first – that’s her on the left. She is a quilt designer, author, and instructor from Massachusetts who’s been quilting for over twenty years. Beth has been building a business since 2005, when she had twin two-year olds and a need to create to stay sane. Many years later, she has three teenage daughters, the previously noted “need to create,” joined by the “need to get out of the house” now and then and be with fellow quilters; inspiring, motivating, learning, and sharing my designs, as well as seeing theirs!

Beth’s work has been featured in Quilters WorldThe QuilterQuiltmaker’s 100 BlocksQuilts From Quiltmakers 100 Blocks, and she was a member of the 2014 Quiltmaker “Scrap Squad.” Her style tends toward the scrappy and her designs mirror her company tagline: Inspired Designs, Relaxed Attitude. She is the creator of the Accordion Sewn HSTs™ method, which is a way to get way more bang for your scrappy buck when it comes to half-square triangles and has authored two books on the process. She believes that quilting is supposed to be fun, and with every pattern, strives to keep you as far away from your seam ripper as possible. Every lecture aims to keep quilting light, fun, and motivating. Every workshop features a relaxed atmosphere of learning with a fun pattern or technique that focuses on a great day of quilty entertainment and learning vs. perfection.

Lecturing and teaching is still her favorite part of her quilting career. Beth can’t wait to meet Quilters Guild of Dallas via Zoom!

But really, what’s the lecture all about?

Give it a Scrap Slap is a look inside Beth’s year-long stint as a member of the 2014 Quiltmaker Magazine “Scrap Squad.” The “squad” was a select group of quilters from across the continent tasked with recreating an assigned design from each issue entirely in scraps. Not only did each assignment lead to the morass of scrap hoarding in her studio, but it also inspired several new designs of her own, inspired by the patterns assigned. Beth will be sharing lots of thoughts on what makes a good scrap quilt, why scrap quilts are her favorite, and insight into how one idea morphs into so many more in the mind of a designer. 



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