Resource List

This annual list is assembled as a service to our members – whether to publicize a personal business or to refer friends and relatives to qualified professionals for their quilt-related needs. The Guild will NOT make recommendations or referrals for you and assumes no responsibility for services performed. The members listed do so as individuals and not in the name or as a representative of the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas, Inc.

This is a list of Guild members who offer quilt-related services to the public “for hire”, and who have requested to be included in this listing. There are a wide variety of services available, including:

  • Appraisals: individuals who are trained to appraise your quilts/textiles for insurance purposes or otherwise
  • Teaching & Lectures: individuals who are quiltmaking teachers and/or offer lectures for groups such as quilt guilds
  • Judges: individuals with experience judging guild shows
  • Conservation: individuals who are experienced with antique textiles; able to provide advice for long-term display or storage, repair damage, or otherwise preserve your heirloom for future generations
  • Quiltmaking Services: individuals with skills to help you get that special quilt made, from making a memorabilia quilt from t-shirts to longarm quilting services
  • Business Services: individuals who offer other services such as website design, room organization, and more

As with any service, you are encouraged to contact individuals to discuss your needs. Request references, ask to see samples of their work, and ask the questions that will help you determine whether an individual is the right one to fill your need.